Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Katz's Deli
205 E. Houston St

The Legendary Katz's Deli. I had to go when I was in NY.

I ordered a pastrami ($14.35) and corned beef ($13.95) sandwich. The sandwiches are cut and made to order by the counterman. I loved the pastrami on rye. The pastrami was cut thick and was so good. Much better than that overrated Langers in LA. The pastrami wasn't fatty, because the counterman cut away alot of the fat. I loved this sandwich.

I didn't like the corned beef. The corned beef was so salty I was drinking water for three hours aftewards. The counterman did a great job cutting away a lot of fat but it still wasn't a good sandwich. I've had bettter corned beef sandwiches at Billy's and Brent.

Service is good but expect to wait a long time. You can either have wait service or go up to the counter and order you meal. The counter guy I had was great. He was helpful and he did his job well. He cut away most of the fat in the meats and piled the meats high on the sandwich.

When you enter Katz's, you are given a ticket. You give that ticket to your counterman or the server at your table. They mark what you order on that ticket. Once you get your ticket you can go to the shortest line for your sandwich. But be warned if you want a hot dog, burger, or soup there is another line for that.

But what does suck is the people. There are some rude, jerk people. I was waiting in line and a damn limey bastard just pushed his way to his seat. I said EXCUSE Me and he said something like I said excuse me. If he didn't have his baby son, I might have punched his limey lights out. What a jerk.

Also there are a ton of people and you may have to share a table. People don't bus their own table and just leave their trays on the table. That really sucks. Lazy people, just take your tray. It's not that heavy.

I would go back to Katz's for the food but I don't need the hassle of jerk people.