Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crosstown Diner

Crosstown Diner
2880 Bruckner Blvd

After taking the redeye from LA to NY and getting about two hours sleep, we went to the Crosstown Diner for breakfast. Sorry for the lack of a picture of the restaurant.

I ordered two eggs and bacon, with home fries, and toast for $5. Now that's a great price anywhere. But the eggs, which I ordered over hard, were too well done. I hate all this brown stuff on eggs. Yes the yolk was cook and not running but the egg white should be fairly white, not brown. The bacon was terrible, it must have been sitting under heat lamps for a long time. The home fries were decent but I didn't finish them.

Service was pretty good. Our server was attentive but she had a New York attitude. She wasn't exactly friendly but she wasn't exactly a bitch either.

I wouldn't go back to the Crosstown Diner for breakfast. Yes, the prices are great but the food isn't good, so why waste money?