Tuesday, January 08, 2008

F and J Pine

FJ Pine
1913 Bronxdale Ave

Sorry for the lack of the restaurant front picture. It was pouring down rain when we went and I didn't take a picture.

I was in the Bronx for Christmas. We had dinner at FJ Pine.

I ordered the broiled halibut, which is seasoned in arreganata bread crumbs with a white wine, garlic butter sauce, $16.50. About 20 minutes later the server told me they were out of halibut, so I picked the broiled filet of sole. The sole was nice, flakely, moist and flavorful. At times I think a white wine sauce can overpower the food but they did a good job of adding flavor to the sole.

What they didn't do a good job of was the service. First and foremost it was SLOW. I could have walked to Ebbets Field and back and my order still wouldn't have been up. It took forever to get water, beer, and bread. It took forever to actually find our server. When the check finally came, the server didn't change the order from halibut to sole, which was a dollar less, but kept the higher priced halibut on the bill. My girlfriend paid for the meal and I didn't know until after she paid. She tipped about ten percent and even that was too much.

I would not go back to Pine again. The service is sooooo damn slow. The food is good but I don't think it's worth the price.