Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hong Kong Express

Hong Kong Express
261 E Willow St Ste B
Long Beach

Hong Kong Express is another one of those fast Chinese food places. I prefer going to this mom and pop type places than Panda Express.

I ordered the two item combo, teriyaki chicken and chicken with green beans, $5.48, which also included a free drink and egg roll.

The fried rice was just OK. They put some peas and soy sauce and that's it. But something they did wrong was use rice they just made. When making fried rice, always use day old rice. If you don't you get clumps of rice and that's not good. The chow mein had some cabbage and was orange. A bit greasy and I'm not used to eating orange noodles.

The teriyaki chicken was pretty good but the sauce was too damn salty. The chicken itself was tender but there was a lot of fat on the chicken.

The chicken with green beans was OK. But the green beans and carrots were cooked for about a minute in the sauce and was basically raw. If you like very crunchy veggies, you will love this. I prefer veggies to be cooked just a little bit longer. The chicken was a little better than the teriyaki but nothing outstanding.

Service was good. You're greeted as you walk into the restaurant. But I found it funny that the hushand and wife were arguing in Chinese, after she asked what I wanted.

I wouldn't go back to Hong Kong Express. The price is good but the food is average and the portions aren't really that big.