Sunday, July 06, 2008

California Pizza Place

California Pizza Place
1770 S Harbor Blvd Ste 140

Let me cut through the BS and say this is one the worst pizza places I have ever been to. A greasy, soggy pizza served by rude people who can bare speak English.

I ordered a medium pizza with pepperoni and sausage, $15.08 to go. Once I got the pizza, the bottom was moist and soggy, like all the grease going to the bottom. I tried a piece after taking the picture and it was disgusting. So much grease and just junk. The pepperoni and sausage were bland and the pizza sauce was barely there. The cheese wasn't fresh and had a nasty taste to it.

Service was bad too. I called ahead to place my order but I first asked about any specials. None of their specials were want I wanted but when I was trying to decide the girl who took my order kept asking So what do you want to order? I'm like can you wait and let me decide. I get to the place and they are still cooking my order. They tell me 5-7 minutes. No problem, so I figure I would pay. They keep telling me 5-7 minutes, so I finally said Do you want me to pay now or when it's ready? I pay her and the total comes to $15.08. I left a bunch of change in my car, so I told her, I have the eight cents in my car. She said it's ok. I tell her I'll go to my car to get the change because I don't need 92 cents in change. She then say Go ahead, get the change. What gall. Then I waited for the pizza and when I finally arrives, she is holding it while talking to her co workers and another customer. She couldn't say Here's your order? What the hell is that. I'd bet she had the pizza for at least five minutes. Worse than that was they spoke English with a very heavy Spanish accent, making it tough to understand what the hell they were saying. They need lessons in manners and how to treat customers.

I would not go back to California Pizza Place again. Terrible pizza and terrible service. I understand they are within a short walk of Disneyland and cater to tourists but damn at least try and make the pizza decent. What people should do, is just go down the street to Marri's for a damn good pizza.