Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gin Sushi

Gin Sushi
3589 E Colorado Blvd

For some reason Gin Sushi is very popular. When I got there, about 6:30pm on a Friday, it was about 75% full. By the end of dinner, 8:30pm, there was a line going out the door. Maybe it's the cheap prices but with sushi, and most other things, you get what you pay for.

I ordered the Yellow tail, $2.95, Crab, $2.95, and tuna, $3.25, sushi. All the fish were mushy and not all that fresh. The fish didn't smell but it wasn't fresh either. I wasn't impressed at all. The crab sushi was imitation crab, not real crab and that wasn't fresh. All the sushi was below average and even though the prices were good, not worth the price.

I decide to try the crunchy roll, $7.95, shrimp tempura, crab meat and avocado. This was ok with huge pieces of shrimp tempura. The shrimp tempura was crunchy and tasty. The crab meat was fresh, maybe the only thing that was fresh. Well worth the price.

Service was also below average. I waited a long time for refills. The server wasn't around and/or didn't come by the table for long periods of time. While it was busy, it wasn't that busy.

I would not go back to Gin Sushi again. Yes, the prices are good. But the quality of the sushi is below average. I'd much rather go to a chain like Kabuki, down the street, than go back to Gin Sushi.