Wednesday, May 30, 2007


3539 E Foothill Blvd

Old Pasadena offers a wide variety of restaurants. I decided to go to Kabuki and try their sushi. I was glad I did, I enjoyed Kabuki and would go back again and again.

Pictured is the scallop butteryaki. Scallops, mushrooms and veggies. Very good stuff. Tender, though small pieces of scallops cooked to perfections. A nice way to start off a meal.

Next came the yellowtail and halibut sushi. Very fresh, very tasty sushi. The shrimp roll was also very fresh and tasty.

Next came the spicy tuna rolls. Very spicy and very fresh. This is a little more spicy than I'm used to but I liked it.

Service is very good. I was very impressed with Kabuki. I was even more impressed to find they are a chain with ten locations in the LA area. This would be a great place to go before or after a game at the Rose Bowl.