Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crab Cooker

Crab Cooker
17269 17th St.

Crab Cooker started in Newport Beach and has a location in Tustin. I ordered the large shrimp cocktail for $5.95 and the cracked dungeness crab for $16.20.

The shrimp cocktail was fresh. Nothing special but I couldn't help but think I could have gone to a Von's or Albertson's and for about the same price gotten much more shrimp.

The cracked dungeness crab was served cold. The crab was ok. A little bitter and that's not something you find in dungeness crab. The rice pilov was a little overcooked.

Service here sucks. When I got there, the host gave me the menu and told me to find any table I want. I though the job of a host was to take people to their tables. Then I waited at least ten minutes before I got any type of service. The waitress was OK though it took forever to get refills on water and ice tea.

I wouldn't go back to Crab Cooker again. Way too many other good restaurants with much better service and food.