Tuesday, February 26, 2008

China Mandarin-Closed

China Mandarin
2111 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights

China Mandarin is an interesting Chinese food restaurant. I'm expecting my order to be "family style" but it's served Panda Express style.

I get the broccoli chicken, $5.95 and the cashew nut shrimp, $7.25, with fried rice. So I'm expecting a box full of broccoli chicken and a box full of cashew nut shrimp, and another box of rice. What I get is two boxes, broccoli chicken and cashew nut shrimp with fried rice on the side.

The fried was terrible. It wasn't fresh or hot at all. It was very hard and tough to chew. This rice must have been leftover from Saturday. They put some soy sauce, peas and carrots and fried it up. Not a good thing.

The broccoli chicken is very mushy and lacking any flavor. There also isn't much chicken, just large pieces of broccoli and carrots.

The cashew shrimp is also mostly fillers, celery, onions, and carrots. I counted about five shrimp. The shrimp were pretty big and tender. This was much more flavorful than the chicken but this is nothing special.

Service, for take out was pretty good.

For the amount and quality of food, China Mandarin is an overpriced glorfied Panda Express. At least at Panda Express you can get a two item combo for much less. I would not go back to China Mandarin again. Bad food and high prices, this time, two strikes and you're out.