Friday, December 15, 2006

Golden Bird Chicken-Closed

Golden Bird
801 Manchester

Golden Bird is in the same restaurant as Porky's BBQ in Inglewood, which I reviewed earlier. Golden Bird used to be one of the better fried chicken places in LA. But something happened and there are very few Golden Bird restaurants left.

I never went to a Golden Bird back in their hey day but I wasn't impressed with the Golden Bird of today. I ordered the two piece, breast and wing, chicken and biscuit combo for about $5. The skin was crunchy but it didn't have any type of flavor. Even today's Pioneer Chicken has a better flavor with the same crunch. But the chicken was a good sized piece and was juicy. But it was just too bland and nothing special about it. I'm not sure what's missing, maybe more spices or something.

The chicken includes a side of mac and cheese which was very good. Soft macaroni with lots of burnt pieces of of goey cheese. Some of the best mac and cheese around.

Golden Bird is ok but I still like Louisiana Fried Chicken much better. I wouldn't rush back to Golden Bird and if I'm in the area I would much rather go to any Louisiana Fried Chicken.