Friday, December 15, 2006

Porky's BBQ-Closed

Porky's BBQ
801 Manchester

I finally got a chance to go to Porky's BBQ. I don't like to go near the Forum anymore because too many memories about the great "Showtime" Lakers. But I went today to try Porky's. I thought the food was OK but hardly overwhelming.

The pork rib lunch is a steal at $7.99 that includes one side along with dirty rice and Texas toast. I had the mac and cheese as my side. The prestentation of the ribs is eye catching. The put the ribs on a pile of sizzling green peppers and onions. The ribs were well smoked and fairly meaty but it was kind of bland and didn't have alot of flavor. They were also a lit on the mushy side, almost too well done. The mac and cheese was pretty good. Lots of cheese and just slightly burnt that adds a nice tough to mac and cheese. The dirty rice was tasty with greens, spices and some meat which I think is pulled pork.

Service was pretty good. One minor issue, I asked to get seperate orders for the chicken and BBQ but he put it all on one order. Not that big of a deal but still something to be careful of. But if the couple in front of you take forever to order, it maybe awhile before you can place your order. I can't believe some people think they can take forever to place an order. I mean I could have placed my order, paid and got through half the meal and they still wouldn't have decided what they wanted.

I would not go back to Porky's. While they had good sized portions and the prices were good the food wasn't anything special.