Sunday, December 24, 2006


825 Hacienda
La Puente

Not sure what it is but there are a ton of the burger places within a 2-3 mile area on Hacienda. I tried and enjoyed Burger Depot and now I tried Doublz about a mile south.

Doublz had a 1/4 pound burger for 99 cents, so I ordered two of them. The burgers come with Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, tomatoes and onions on a seasame seed bun. The burgers are on the dry side so I added some ketchup. The thousand island dressing isn't overpowering, which I like. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh. One big downside of the burger, it wasn't hot, maybe lukewarm. It seemed as though the burgers were placed in a warmer and then prepared. I expect these burger places to be far from a McDonald's or Burger King.

Service is good and in a heavy Spanish speaking area, the guy who took my order spoke perfect English.

I wouldn't go back to Doublz. The burger is a good size and prized right but I would much rather pay a little extra for a better tasting burger. Oh well there are many other burger places in the area to try.