Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jean P's Soul Food Express-Closed

Jean P's Soul Food Express
2540 Figueroa

Hided behind a Popeye's is Jean P's Soul Food Express. They advertise 99 cent specials but those are mainly for vegetable items. I ordered a chicken breast and corn and okra for $3.71.

First the corn and okra, which looked good on the steam table. I'm glad I ordered it becuase it was awesome. The corn and okra was in a tomato based sauce. The corn was sweet and cooked perfectly. Almost like having corn on the cob. The okra, which I normally don't like because it's too goey, was good and maybe the tomato based sauce hide the goeyness.

The fried chicken breast left a lot to be desired. First it wasn't hot or even warm, it was sitting in the basket above the fryer instead of a warmer. Then I took a bite and it was as dry as any desert. The skin lacked any crunch and flavor. Bland and flavorless are two perfect words for the chicken.

Service was good. The lady was very nice and took my order quickly. My order was quickly prepared and they were friendly.

I would go back to Jean P's but I wouldn't order the fried chicken. The meatloaf and smothered pork chop looked good. So I may order that the next time I'm there.