Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pioneer Chicken-Bell Gardens

Pioneer Chicken
6323 E. Florence
Bell Gardens

The fourth and final stop on today's Pioneer Chicken run, is the Pioneer Chicken in Bell Gardens. The other three locations were, Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, and Soto St. While trying a Yahoo maps search for directions to this location they said no such street in the city of Bell Gardens. But I put Bell and found the directions. But when I went there I passed a sign that said City of Bell Gardens and I bought a drink from the donut store next door and their receipt said Bell Gardens. So who knows. But Florence and Garfield is the intersection and it's about three miles east of the 710 freeway.

But this location was great. Very nice friendly serice. Very clean dining area. Very clean restroom. The chicken was as good as the Soto St. location. Hot, fresh, juicy and crunchy!!! I very happy to know that a childhood favorite is still around and still as good as I remember.

Update September 11, 2011.

I wanted to put better pictures for this Pioneer Chicken, so I went there and ordered one breast piece, $2.38.

The breast piece was dry, because it had been sitting under heat lamps forever. The skin was nice and crunchy, just like the Pioneer of old, but I can't get over how dry the chicken was. It was fairly hot, but getting really close to be grocery store fried chicken, that has been sitting under heat lamps for way too long.

Service was pretty good, the woman at the counter greeted me and was fairly nice.

I still love Pioneer, but next time I go I will ask for a freshly cooked chicken.