Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pioneer Chicken- Olympic Blvd.-Moved

Pioneer Chicken
5970 Olympic Blvd.

As readers may know, I love Pioneer Chicken. I went to the other four Pioneer Chicken locations; Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, Soto St, and Bell Gardens a few weeks back. Now I found the last location on Olympic. The phone number listed gets either a fax machine or a dial up internet connection.

Anyways, the last of the five Pioneer Chicken location is on Olympic by San Vaciente. I ordered a breast piece for $1.83. The crunch is exactly what I remember about Pioneer. A great crunch. The inside of the breast piece was a little too dry. But I would bet that if the chicken hasn't been sitting under heat lamps for a long time, it would be very juicy.

I think this location is the second best location next to the Bell location.