Thursday, January 19, 2006


8390 La Palma Ave
Buena Park

I have heard so many things about Portill's a Chicago area hot dog place. When I heard they opened up their first location in Buena Park, I was going to make sure I went tried it soon after they opened.

So I go and I'm not impressed at all. As you first walk in there is a place to order to your left. So I go and wait there while a lady orders her food. When it's finally my turn, the cashier tells me this is an express cater orders only. So I finally get in the right line and wait behind a slow family of five who take forver deciding what they want. So after wasting about 10 minutes before finally placing an order, I order the jumbo hot dog and the Maxwell Street Polish for $6.20.

I move down the line to pick up my order. Portillo's has a window where you can see them make your food. So I wait and wait and wait. The girl behind me, while I was ordering, got her food before I did. Then the couple behind her, got their food. So I'm thinking what the hell is going on here. So I finally get my order. They write down your order on bags and then use the bags to put your food in. The guy preparing my hot dogs rips the bag where the order is written on, so he gets a new bag, puts the food in there, and then stuffs the torn bag 0n top. I figure the girl handing out the order would take the ripped bag out. But when she didn't, I threw the ripped bag on the counter. To say the least, I'm not happy with the long wait and terrible service.

My mood doesn't improve with the terrible food. I first try the Maxwell Street Polish. The polish sausage is nothing more than the Hilshire Farms sausage you buy at the local market. The sausage was overcooked, almost like beef jerky. The onions were almost black and they were cold. I could have made a better polish sausage at home.

Next I try the jumbo dog, Chicago style without the peppers. The hot dog lacked any kind of snap or flavor. The toppings especially the pickle were very fresh but if the hot dog is a bland, tasteless piece of junk, the toppings aren't anything.

I was very disappointed at Portillo's. I won't go back, terrible service, terrible food and prices are on the high side. The Orange Curtain still lacks a good place to get a Chicago style hot dog.