Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pioneer Chicken- Soto St.

Pioneer Chicken
904 S. Soto St.
Los Angeles 90023

The third stop on the Pioneer Chicken run. The other two locations were, Sunset Blvd, and Echo Park.

The best so far. The chicken was hot, not warm, not cold, but hot. The crunch was great every bit as crunchy and good as I remember. The chicken was so juicy and tender. I was very impressed and happy. The breast piece was $1.72.

This place also had a wide variety of food such a fish, pork riblets and chicken gizzards.

I have already been to this location before and I will continue to come back.

Update November 12, 2010:

Since I reviewed the Pioneer chicken locations, two locations have closed down; Sunset Blvd, and Echo Park.

So I decided to go back to the Soto location I went back to the Soto location, because I want to make sure Pioneer Chickens stay open. I also wanted to get some better pictures and to see how if the chicken is as good as I remembered.

I saw this cup filled with soda, $1.99, so I decided to buy it. I know it's a simple logo, but there aren't many items around with the Pioneer Chicken logo.

I got another chicken breast and this time was a disappointed. The chicken was luke warm, the skin was greasy and soggy; the chicken itself, was very dry, because it had been sitting under heat lamps for too long. What got me was it was about 11:20am. I can't believe they cook the chicken at 10am and let it sit around.

Service was below average. The lady was just going through motions.

If I come back to this Pioneer location, I am going to make sure the fry the chicken, fresh. I don't care how long I need to wait.