Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cupid's Hot Dogs

Cupid’s Hot Dogs
9039 Lindley Ave.
Northridge, CA

To celebrate the Chicago White Sox winning the 2005 ALCS and going to the World Series, I decided to do a hot dog run. First stop was Cupid's in Northridge. Then QT Chicago Dogs, and the last stop was Carney's, in Studio City.

Cupid's is just south of Cal State Northridge and offers a very simple menu. Hot dogs with mustard, onions and chili. On request, ketchup and relish can be added. Cheese is 25 cents extra. The only other thing on the menu is soda.

I ordered one hot dog with everything and one hot dog with mustard and raw onions. I had the mustard and onions hot dog first. Very good stuff. The hot dog had a nice snap, good flavor, and was hot. The bun wasn't toasted or anything, just out of the bag. The onions were fresh and I did enjoy the hot dog. For $2 it's a good deal.

What isn't a good deal is the everything dog. The everything dog has chili, mustard and onions. The chili tastes like the chili Del Taco puts on their chili cheese fries, had a Mexican spices flavor to it. And I hate thin, runny chili, AKA chili water. I was not impressed. The hot dog itself had the same snap and was served hot. The everything dog is also $2.

I would go again to Cupid's but I would not order anything with chili