Thursday, October 20, 2005

QT Chicago Dogs-Closed

QT Chicago Dogs
8650 Reseda Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91324

Just down the street from Cupid's, is QT Chicago Dogs. My second stop on my hot dog quest, to honor the Chicago White Sox winning the ALCS.

A jumbo Chicago Dog is $2.69. But that's without natural casing. A natural casing Chicago dog is a $1 more. But I decided just to try to regular Chicago Dog first. A Chicago dog has onions, very green relish, mustard, pickles, tomotoes, celery salt and hot peppers. I always get my Chicago Dogs without the peppers.

The jumbo Chicago Dog is decent sized. But I wasn't impressed with this Chicago Dog. The other toppings seems fresh but I don't know, something is missing. When I went to Mustard's and had their Chicago Dogs, I felt I was in Chicago watching the White Sox at Comiskey Park. At QT I felt I was in LA eating a a restaurant that was trying to copy the Chicago Dog.

Nice service, friendly people but I wasn't impressed with the hot dogs. So much so, that I didn't order a polish dog as I normally do.

I may try the Chicago Dog with natural casing but $3.49 is kinda of steep compared to other places