Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cavaretta's Italian Groceries

Cavaretta's Italian Groceries
22045 Sherman Way
Canoga Park

Until last year, I've never had an Italian cold cut sandwich. I knew what mortadella, capacolla, and salame were but they didn't appeal to me in a sandwich. But, one day I figured they all sandwich meat, so I decided to give them a try. My first version of an Italian cold cut sandwich was at Eastside Market Italian Deli, it maybe my favorite place for an Italian cold cut sandwich. I also like the sandwich from Capri Deli & Kitchen. I found out I really liked an Italian cold cut sandwich. So, now when I go to any Italian deli, I look will order an Italian cold cut sandwich.

I read that Cavaretta's Italian Groceries serves up some great sandwiches, maybe the best in the Valley, so I dropped in. Cavaretta's opened in 1959 and has always gotten good reviews for their sandwiches.

Large Italian, mortadella, cotto salame, Italian salame, provolone cheese, $7.45. Every Italian deli has their version of the Italian cold cut sandwich. Some put capacola, others will include turkey, and others will have ham on their sandwich. Well, Cavaretta's is the first to have two different types of salame, cotto and Italian.

I liked the Cavaretta's version of an Italian cold cut sandwich. The meats were very fresh. I opened up the sandwich to see if I could tell the difference between the two salames, but they looked the same to me. The mayo, lettuce and tomatoes were all very fresh and cold, they were stored properly, until some other places! The Italian roll had a nice, soft chewy texture and good crust. While the sandwich was good, it wasn't outstanding and certainly not the best Italian cold cut sandwich I've had.

Service is good. The guy who made my sandwich was nice and made the sandwich quickly.

I was impressed with Cavaretta's Italian Groceries, but I wouldn't rush back to get an Italian cold cut sandwich. It maybe the best in the Valley, but really, how much competition is there? If you live in the area, this is a great choice, I just wouldn't make a special trip for it.