Saturday, August 06, 2011

Crossroads BBQ-Closed

Crossroads BBQ
2927 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles

I haven't had BBQ in a long time, so I figured I would give Crossroads a try. Crossroads BBQ is owned by the same people who own Dinah's Family Restaurant. I first saw Crossroads mentioned on Chowhounds, when a jerk named servorg, mentioned he saw a sign announcing the imminent opening of Crossroads BBQ. After 4-5 months, they finally opened. I guess the new Webster's, now has a different definition of imminent? Anyways, servorg is an idiot and I don't pay attention to his reviews. But, I always pay attention to the opening of new BBQ restaurants. So I called a friend and we met at Crossroad BBQ. Finding good real BBQ in West LA is limited because the snotty jerk people of West LA, have no clue about good real BBQ.

Crossroad BBQ is a shared restaurant, next door is a Mexican restaurant and you can order from both menus are either location. Interesting business model and the night we were there, the BBQ side was packed.

I got the half rack of spare ribs, dry rub, with mac and cheese and mixed vegetables, $17.

These ribs remind me of Lucille's, meaning they were almost burnt, badly smoked, flavorless, and just plain bad. They are St. Louis spare ribs, so they look nice but there isn't much meat, and the what little meat this is, just tastes terrible.

The mac and cheese was bland and the cheese sauce barely covered the macaroni. The mixed veggies were pretty good, with string beans, carrots, broccoli, and squash, though I didn't touch the squash, that were lightly sauteed, well seasoned and cooked perfectly.

This is so overpriced for such mediocre food.

Service throughout dinner was pretty good. But, when we first came in, there was nobody at the hostess area and it took the hostess about five minutes to appear. Not sure what was happening, but that's a good way to lose customers.

I would not go back to Crossroads BBQ again. I wasn't expecting great things from Crossroads BBQ and sadly, I was proven correct.