Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coney Dog-Closed

Coney Dog
8873 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood

August 27, 2013 Update-Coney Dog is closed.  But, another restaurant has opened in it's place, Gabby's and still serves the coney dogs. 

About a mile west, on Sunset Blvd, from Carney's is a new hot dog place called Coney Dog. While many people may think coney dogs were invented on Coney Island, that simply is not true. Coney dogs were invented in Detroit. A coney dog has mustard, onions and chili on a natural casing hot dog, usually an all beef dog.

Now, I hate Detroit and all sports teams from Detroit. I hated the "Bad Boys" Pistons with Isiah Thomas and Bill Lamebeer. I hate the Tigers, and hope either the Indians or White Sox beat them out for the 2011 AL Central Division title. I especially hate the commie Red Wings. The Lions suck, so it's not a big deal to hate them. But, a coney dog maybe the only thing from Detroit I like, well besides a Pontiac GTO.

Anyways, I found out about Coney Dogs, on the site filled with arrogant assholes, chowhounds. The original poster that mentioned Coney Dogs, doesn't even understand the meaning of Grand Opening. Hey stupid, most restaurants have a grand opening, a few weeks after being opened. Then some idiot, who has an axe to grind with Coney Dogs, constantly posted some BS about the hot dogs and chili being a bad mixture of meats and horrors, the chili had beef hearts. Out of maybe 15 posts, maybe two posts actually talked about Coney Dogs. No wonder chowhounds if just full of assholes!!

Coney Dog, $3.95, chili, mustard and onions, grilled 80% beef and 20% pork hot dog. The hot dog was grilled, with some nice charring. It had a great snap. The hot dog was well season and was bursting with flavor. It's easy to tell they use a very good quality hot dog.

But, what got me was the chili. I normally don't order chili dogs. But, I figured when in Rome, I mean Detroit. This chili had no beans, just filled with meat. Good seasoned, well cooked beef!! It wasn't spicy at all, just thick, hearty, good chili. They use quality stuff here at Coney Dogs.

Service is very good. They are nice and friendly and the food comes out quickly!! There is free validated one hour parking on the roof or you can street parking. They are across the street from The Whiskey, so I imagine they maybe very crowded when all the bars on Sunset close. But, a good and welcomed addition to the LA hot dog scene.

I would go back to Coney Dogs, any time. But, go Indians or White Sox, win the 2011 AL Central!!!