Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mission 261 Restaurant

Mission 261 Restaurant
261 S Mission Dr
San Gabriel

I came to Mission 261 Restaurant for a wedding reception. A typical Chinese wedding reception includes an 8-10 course meal that will have a whole fish, fried rice, and usually a whole chicken.

The reception I went to had a nine course menu but I didn't eat the roasted duck or albacore.

Young roasted pig was our appetizer. The pork itself was very good, very tender and well seasoned. But the skin was too hard and too thick. It would take the strength of a gator to bite into that tough skin.

Shrimp with snap peas. A great dish, with a light sauce over very fresh shrimp. The snap peas were also very fresh and tasty.

Jumbo scallops and brocolli. I have never seen scallops this big before. They were great!! Well cooked and seasoned with a sauce that enhanced, but didn't overwhelm the scallops.

House special lobster. The lobster was covered in a sauce that I tasted black pepper and tamerine. A very good dish, the lobster was tender and flavorful.

Crab meat and scallops soup. A simple corn starch enhanced broth that was filled with crab meat and scallops. A very good dish.

Steamed red snapper. The red snapper was very fresh, I bet it was swimming in the Pacific that morning. But, if you didn't get any of the sauce- that was made with soy sauce and ginger, it was bland. I took some of the red snapper that was on top and it was very bland. But, when I got some of the sauce that was under the fish, it added a lot of seasoning and flavor.

Seafood fried rice had some shrimp, bbq pork, carrots and green onions. A well seasoned and flavorful dish. The rice was cooked perfectly and not oily at all.

Service was very good, there were about 200 people at the reception and we didn't lack for anything at our table. When we wanted water or Coke, we got refills quickly. The food came out quickly and was hot. I've been to a couple Chinese wedding receptions and the food is cold, when it is suppose to be hot.

I would go back to Mission 261 anytime. I really want to try their dim sum, their dim sum menu looks very good.