Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sanya Korean BBQ Restaurant

Sanya Korean BBQ Restaurant
2897 W Olympic Blvd.
Ste. 105
Los Angeles

An all you can eat Korean BBQ for $9.99? Sounds like a good deal. But, as with anything you get what you pay for. Sanya Korean BBQ is filled with college aged kids, looking for a cheap meal. That should have told me, that the quality of the meats isn't going to be that high.

There are a few options for all you can eat, at Sanya. The $9.99 options includes brisket, marinated beef, pork belly, chicken.

Brisket- I'm not a fan of brisket at Korean BBQ since it is not seasoned or smoked. I'm not big on dipping meat into sauces. Hell I would bring a bottle of A-1 steak sauce than dip it into some of the sauces I've seen at Korean BBQ restaurants. This brisket was sliced very thin, so it cooked very quickly and was pretty good. I put it on top of rice or wrapped it in lettuce and dipped it into soy sauce.

Marinated beef- This had a sweet marinate to it. Not the best quality meat, lots of fat and gristle. But I trimmed off some of the fat and this was a pretty good item.

Potato salad-This was the highlight of the dinner. A smooth and creamy potato salad, with very little to no mayo. This had some raisins and carrots mixed into the smooth, very well cooked potato. I really enjoyed this dish.

Pork Belly-Another non marinated meat. The only time I've ever seen pork belly with some of the bone attached. Very fatty, yeah I know it's pork belly and suppose to be fatty. But the actual meat wasn't good. I only ate one piece of this.

Chicken-The chicken has a light hint of marinate, some soy sauce and some sugar. Most of the meat was dark meat, I believe thigh meat, and this cooked up pretty good. It was a tender but lacked flavor. You can tell this was a poor quality chicken.

Another thing that was poor, was the service. First it was raining that night and where we were sitting, the ceiling was leaking. The server, who maybe the manager or owner, tried to downplay the issue. Well I don't like sitting at dinner and having water drip on me. So after some discussion, we wanted to move to another table.

The banchan, side dishes are meant for the entire table, not for each person. That's fine, but the banchan is served in very small portions for the entire table. I mean a scoop of potato salad for three people? Yeah, that's going to work. They were very slow in refilling the side dishes and they had attitudes when you asked for refills!! At our table, we just had the potato salad and left most of the other side dishes alone.

The general attitude of the server is really bad. They are rude, not helpful, and lazy. They have a rule that any leftover meat is charged at $6lb. Since they were very slow to take away empty dishes, we stacked the dishes and when the server finally came by, she actually checked each dish-most of them were side dishes, to make sure we didn't leave any meat. Yeah nice.

I wouldn't go back to Sanya again. Poor quality meats, terrible service, and bad attitudes.