Monday, March 07, 2011

Roger's Rib Shack-Closed

Roger's Rib Shack
8450 Reseda Blvd

A few months ago, I heard a new BBQ restaurant opened in Northridge. But, I wasn't overly excited nor did I rush to find more information about it. But, last Saturday, I was going to be in Northridge, so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and have dinner at Roger's Rib Shack. Right in front of Roger's you see their smoker and huge bags of hickory charcoal. So that's a good start, but sadly that maybe the only good thing about Roger's.

I got the half rack of spare ribs, $12,95. The ribs are smoked, as I mentioned their smoker is right in front of the restaurant. But, these ribs are "finished" on a grill and I hate when restaurants do that. For real BBQ to be real BBQ, it should never touch a grill. How could I tell it was finished on a grill? The grill marks and char from the grill.

There isn't much of a bark on these ribs, either. The ribs were fatty, very fatty, and while some parts were tender others were tough. Their BBQ sauce was a bit too sweet for my tastes. I need a little more kick to my BBQ sauce. Overall,I wasn't impressed at all with the BBQ at Rogers.

The do have a large selection of bottled BBQ sauce. They will give you a cup of any BBQ sauce you want, you just have to ask.

Service is friendly but below average. When you walk in, you're not sure if you're suppose to order at the counter or you wait to be seated or seat yourself. I was told take a seat, so I told them I would sit outside. I took a menu, went outside and waited, and waited and waited. The lady never came outside. There were maybe 2-3 people who ordered or picked up food, but it wasn't crowded. She simply forgot. I walked inside and while she did apologize for forgetting about us, she said it was busy. 2-3 orders and maybe 8-10 people already inside the restaurant, isn't busy.

I wouldn't go back to Roger's Rib Shack again; poor quality ribs and below average service, just don't add up for a return visit.