Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jack Shrimp

Jack Shrimp
2400 W Coast Hwy
Ste M
Newport Beach

Jack Shrimp-a New Orleans/Cajun style restaurant in Newport Beach, has been on my list of places to try for a long time. I was joined by a very nice woman, who had been to the Jack Shrimp in Irvine that closed down and wanted to see if the Newport Beach location was as good and a man who had never been to Jack Shrimp.

Half portion of JACKshrimp, $13. This is what they are known for, shell on gulf shrimp in a savory spicy sauce. They give you a ton of french bread to dip up the left over sauce. There are five shrimp in the half order. I assume the shrimp are from the Gulf of Mexico, but wherever they are from, the shrimp was cooked perfectly, tender, sweet, and delicious.

Now the spicy savory sauce. This was pretty good. The sauce starts off nice and clean with a slightly sweet taste, but then the spices hit you. It doesn't overwhelm you, but you know it's there. There is some butter, rosemary, chili powder, paprika, and coriander in this sauce. I liked the sauce, but wasn't in awe of the sauce.

I did think the price was a bit high for the amount of shrimp. But, if they are from the Gulf of Mexico, I can understand why it is priced so high.

Jammin Jambalaya, $13, andouille sausage, chicken breast, onions and green bell peppers over rice. You have a choice of rice or pasta, but the server never asked. But, I prefer jambalaya with rice, not pasta. This was a good dish, but the portion size is very small and not a good value for the price.

The andouille sausage was a bit bland. I like more flavor in my andouille sausage. The chicken breast was well cooked, good flavor and not dry at all. But, there was barely any rice; the rice was long grain rice and well cooked. The bell peppers weren't that fresh, a very very bitter taste to them. Also, the portion size was very small for the $13 price tag.

Service was good. The server was nice and friendly. We didn't lack for refills on drinks and our orders came out quickly. But, she did forget to ask if I wanted rice or pasta, with my jambalaya. Not that big of a deal, but something I wanted to point out.

I liked Jack Shrimp, but I wasn't overwhelmed by Jack Shrimp. I'm glad I went, but I wouldn't rush back. This is more of a restaurant, that if you're in the area, you would go, but it's not a destination restaurant.