Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pepe's NY Pizza

Pepe's NY Pizza
11946 Ventura Blvd
Studio City

This maybe the first pizza place The New Diner has reviewed in the Valley. I read up about Pepe's NY Pizza and people had good things to say about it.

Whenever I go to NY-style pizza places, I want to order fresh baked pizzas. I don't want a pizza that has been sitting around forever. The only time I order slices, is when I see a freshly made pizza being put into the display case or know that a place has good turnover and the pizza was recently, say last 15 minutes, made.

Sicilian pizza with pepperoni, $23.99. Cut into squares, this was OK. Most Sicilian pizza I've had, the crust was very soft and chewy. The crust was a bit heavier and dense and crisp. The sauce was very good, mild flavor that didn't overwhelm the pizza. The pepperoni was kind of bland, there was nothing special about. I did think they could have put more pieces of pepperoni on the pizza.

This was a pricey pizza, $21 for just plain cheese and $2 per topping. I don't think it was worth the price.

Vegetarian pizza, $20.99, for a 20 in. pizza. The price for a 20 in. cheese pizza is, $16.99 and $2 for extra toppings, so this was a good deal. This pizza had tomatoes, onions, black olives, bell peppers, and mushrooms. The crust was thin, but thicker than most New York style pizza places. But, this crust was soggy, maybe from all the veggies on the pizza? But, I've had veggie pizzas where the crust was firm and held up to the veggies.

Service was very good. The guy was nice and helpful.

Overall I wasn't too impressed the Pepe's NY Pizza. I wouldn't make a special trip back, and if I'm the area, I would prefer to try another pizza place, than go back to Pepe's.