Saturday, January 22, 2011

Original Graziano's Pizza-Closed

Original Graziano's Pizza
2 Village Loop Rd

I love broasted chicken and I will try any restaurant that serves broasted chicken, that is near me. Broasted chicken is actually a patented process and machine that involves pressure cooking the chicken after it is marinated and breaded. But many places use a comparable process, including the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Broaster is the company that sells the fryers and patent process, and they have a list of restaurants that offer their broasted chicken. I was shocked to see the served broasted chicken at Original Graziano's Pizza in Pomona.

I got the four piece broasted chicken, which was cooked to order. I wasn't that impressed with this broasted chicken. The skin was light, crispy and well seasoned. But the breast and wing pieces were not juicy or tender. They were stringy and a bit tough. The dark pieces; legs and thighs were very juicy and tender, if all pieces of the chicken was this juicy and tender, this place would be a great place. But I'm a white meat person and the white meat and that's how I judge broasted chicken. The size of the chicken was a bit small, so maybe that's why the breast piece wasn't as juicy.

Service was great. Very nice young people working there. The young lady who took my order was nice and friendly. She told me about the specials, and was patient when I asked her questions about the broasted chicken. While I was waiting for the chicken, three other workers came up and asked if I needed help!!! That's awesome, because there have been so many times, when I wasn't greeted when walking into a restaurant.

The pizza looks pretty good, so I maybe back here for some pizza. But, I'm not sure if I would go back for the broasted chicken, since I like white meat chicken and found it lacking. But, if you like dark meat chicken, Original Graziano's Pizza is a great place to go. If you have a little league team, this is a great place to host a party; lots of space and nice friendly people working there.

Update Feb 26, 2010

I went back for the pizza. Original Graziano's Pizza has a dinner special Mon-Thursday. The special on Thursday is a large one topping pizza for $7.99. I got the special with pepperoni.

This pizza was below average. While the outside of the crust was crispy, the inside was undercooked. That usually means the oven was set too high. This needed to be in the oven about another five minutes. The cheese was pretty good, piled high. The pepperoni was a bit bland. The sauce was there, but there wasn't anything outstanding about it.

Service is always great here. I was greeted, almost before the door closed behind me. What a great experience, after going to so many restaurants where I wasn't greeted at all, even when I was standing right in front of the server. The people there are friendly and helpful.

While the pizza is below average and I'm not really sold on the broasted chicken, I love the service of Original Graziano's Pizza.