Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tangier Korean BBQ of Tokyo-Closed

Tangier Korean BBQ of Tokyo
2138 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles

What do you say to all you can eat, US Kobe beef, for $24.99? Well, Tangier Korean BBQ of Toyko offers this great deal, everyday of the week. Interesting name, huh? Like the LA Angels of Anaheim?

Anyways, I've heard good things about this and wanted to give Tangier a try. Kobe beef is specially raised beef, that has more marbling and very tender and flavorful.

Tangier offers five all you can eat items, with three US Kobe beef items; Harami, short plate, and kalbi, along with chicken and pork belly.

Short plate. I think this is a brisket. These are unseasoned and sliced very thin. They grill up quickly and need to be dipped into their sauces to add any flavor. I didn't really like this short plate.

Harami with short plate. Harami, isn't marinated, but is well marbled as you can see. This was pretty good, very tender and flavorful.

Chicken, kalbi, and harami. The chicken, which was white meat, was marinated in a sauce that was kinda of salty and actually pretty tasty. These grilled up pretty well, was flavorful and pretty good.

The kalbi, is the star of this show!! It's marinated in a light, slightly sweet marinate and grills up pretty quickly. Just a lot of flavor, so tender, and juicy.

Pork Belly- as usual with Korean BBQ, I'm not a fan of the pork belly. So, I'm suppose to dip this into a sauce, maybe wrap it in some lettuce. But, I can't get over the fact the pork belly is not seasoned at all, and dipping it into any sauce doesn't add any flavor.

I had a few of the side dishes, the potato salad was very good. It was creamy, almost liked a mashed potato salad, wasn't drowned in mayo. Just light, smooth goodness. The veggies, I got lettuce, carrots, and onions were very fresh. I didn't care for the black beans, which was pickled, and wasn't completely cooked, very hard.

Service was great. Ok, the restaurant wasn't busy, but we had two or three servers waiting near our table, ready to help. The best part of this, they didn't make this a bitch session about their job or other customers. They were standing their quietly, waiting to help us. At many restaurants, when two servers are together, it becomes a bitch session. Very unprofessional. But, not a Tangier, they only talked about work or they were quiet.

What isn't quiet, is that they scream, I mean SCREAM, whenever somebody walks in or leaves. It can be very unnerving and then annoying.

I would go back to Tangier anytime. A great deal, with great cuts of meats, better than any other all you can eat Korean BBQ, I've been to.