Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Kitchen

Happy Kitchen
301 W Valley Blvd#111
San Gabriel

When I went to Mei Long Village and Jin Jian, I noticed two other places in the same shopping center, that also serves xio long bao. So I made another two stop trip to try Happy Kitchen and New Taste Dumpling House.

The xio long bao, $5.99, were tasty, with good seasoning and flavor. The pork was tender, fresh and flavorful. The soup was just bursting with flavor. Something I noticed was that the owner, came out covered with flour, so you know these XLB's are made fresh!!

The beef cake rolls, $6.99, were ok, but the pancake was a bit on the oily side. They had too much green onion for my tastes, but the beef was pretty good.

Service is OK. But they do not speak English and the husband and wife, who are the owners, will argue and yell at each other in Chinese, right in front of the costumers.

Between Happy Kitchen and New Taste Dumpling House, I liked the XLB's at Happy Kitchen, but the beef rolls were better, here at New Taste.