Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brats Brothers-Moved

Brats Brothers
13456 1/2 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks

Just little east on Ventura Blvd., from Boneyard Bistro, is Brats Brother. I guess they were on that show with the loudmouth jerk host, Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. I didn't see the episode but I wanted some hot dogs, so I dropped in.

They make their own mustard; try the hot and sweet wasabi mustard, what great flavor and texture. But they charge for toppings, 75 cents for onions. Come on now.

Frankfurter, $3.75, all beef. This frankfurter was grilled, with a nice char and a good snap. The bun is huge, almost overwhelms the frankfurter, but I love the texture and chewiness of the bun. It works very well with any brats, sausage or frankfurter on the menu. But this was way too bland, almost as if there was no seasoning. The size is good but was almost like eating, those overrated, Dodger Dogs.

Polish sausage-pork, $5.50. Whatever seasonings that was missing in the frankfurter, must have been put in the polish sausage. This is the best Polish sausage I have ever had. It was huge, I would say close to 1/4lb. The first bite and there was a ton of flavor bursting through. This is a mild flavor, not a spicy Polish, but it's great.

Service is good. The guy who took my order was nice and friendly. A great thing about Brats Brothers; BYOB!! Yes, you can bring your own beer.

I loved the Polish sausage and wouldn't have any issues coming back, but I do think Brats Brother is on the pricey side. I also do not like the fact they charge for toppings. I mean, 75 cents for onions???