Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pasadena Sandwich Company

Pasadena Sandwich Company
259 Sierra Madre Villa Ave

I wanted to review Pasadena Sandwich Company, so I can mention Top Chef, DC. Now I think all celebrity chefs are douchebags. Their food is average at best and they are living off their celebrity status. Big deal, they are on Bravo or Food Network!! Doesn't mean their food is any good. Now, I know the chefs on Top Chefs, aren't celebrity chefs, just yet. But most are such douchebags, I can't stand them.

Anyways the second episode of Top Chef DC, had the chefs making a school lunch for middle school kids. The guest judge told the chefs the issue of school lunches are; too much processed crap, too much sugar, lack of flavor, and a lack of veggies.

So in this episode, four chefs formed a team and cooked school lunch; that should include an entree, dessert, and veggies. Remember, they are trying to make school lunches, healthy and tasty so kids will eat it.

It's clear that this season, Angelo and Kenny are the top two chefs. Two chefs had immunity; Angelo and Tracy, because they won some stupid contest, that starts the every show. Angelo picked Kenny on his team and proceeded to throw this competition. Douchebag Angelo made a peanut butter and celery dish, for the kids. Their team also had a sweet potato mouse, a nasty looking chicken burger, and other crap. This was a terrible meal, that nobody on the team, gave a damn about. But the DOUCHEBAG Angelo, was the worst. His goal, wasn't to serve a great meal to kids, but to get his main competition, Kenny, eliminated. At judge's table, DOUCHEBAG Angelo, was asked, "Would you have made that dish, if you didn't have immunity?" DOUCHEBAG's answer? I can't answer that right now. Ok, I know that a lot of editing has been done, so there is a chance, that wasn't his true answer. But anybody is a damn DOUCHEBAG, if they throw a competition, that is servings meals to KIDS!!!

Another team had this crazy bitch chef, Amanda, who kept insisting on using cooking sherry for KIDS and another chef, Jacqueline, who is just too stupid to listen.

Even a damn alcoholic would know, not to use cooking sherry when serving kids a meal!!! There are so many other choices!! You're a damn chef, you crazy bitch, Amanda, use your skills. Now, I'll admit Amanda is easy on the eyes but I can't get over how stubborn and stupid she was, using sherry to cook a meal for kids.

Each team had $130 to shop for items. The stupid chef, Jacqueline, thought each member of the team had $130. I saw her bio and I now understand, why she is so stupid, she is from Boston, an idiot Red Sox fan. So when they went shopping, only $10 of the budget went toward her dessert.

The crazy bitch chef, Amanda, was startled to learn at judge's table, her choice of cooking sherry was a stupid idea. HELLO. Why would you be so stupid and insist on using sherry for kids?? She works in LA, which means, I'm never going to any restaurant where she is the chef. Though I wouldn't mind seeing her at the beach.

But the real stupid chef, Jacqueline said to the judges, she used two pounds of sugar in her banana dessert. It's like she didn't hear the guest judge, saying that school lunches had TOO MUCH SUGAR. Hell, she would have been better off making a banana and strawberry salad or smoothie. The stupid chef was sent packing. But Top Chef, should have also sent, that DOUCHBAG, Angelo, home too. I mean, really, throwing a contest, that benefits kids? DOUCHEBAG.

Anyways, for me lunch has always been about sandwiches. I love sandwiches, everything, except liverwurst. From peanut butter and jelly to pastrami, I love sandwiches. I heard good things about Pasadena Sandwich Company and decided to have lunch there.

I go the Chicago sandwich, $7.95, corned beef, pastrami, swiss cheese, Russian dressing, on rye bread, with cole slaw on the side. Yes, the sandwich was piled high, but there was so much fat, it wasn't even funny. I had to cut out so much fat, I would bet, it added up to about a quarter of the meat. Both the pastrami and corned beef was fatty, chewy, tough, and lacked flavor. The swiss cheese, rye bread and Russian dressing was fine. But who cares, if the meats are terrible. This had to be among the worst sandwiches, I've had. Ok, the portions are huge but who cares, if they use a poor quality meat!!!!

Service was good. Nice and friendly servers. But there they need to clear up which area is for to go orders. When you walk in, there are two windows, one area listed as To Go Pick up, but the other area isn't marked, so I figured that was where to place your order. Anyways, the area where it says; To Go Pick up, is where to place your order.

I would not go back to Pasadena Sandwich Company, again. Terrible, fatty sandwiches.