Saturday, July 03, 2010

Renee's Fish & Soulfood

Renee's Fish & Soulfood
15074 Foothill Blvd.

I'm rarely in Fontana. But, The Moving Wall is in Fontana, at the California Speedway, over the July 4th holiday and you know damn well, I'm going to be there. The Moving Wall is a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Washington D.C. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has over 58,000 names of Americans who died in the Vietnam War. It's a powerful, moving experience, something everybody should see.

One thing I want to mention, it is called the Vietnam VETERANS Memorial. It is NOT the Vietnam Memorial,it doesn't honor a country. It honors the men and women who died in the Vietnam War. Calling the Vietnam VETERANS Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, is disrespecting all the Vietnam VETERANS. We as a country, already disrespected the Vietnam VETERANS, enough, when those gutless, coward draft dodgers, spat on and yelled at, when they came home. Nice homecoming, you gutless coward draft dodgers.

While driving to The Moving Wall, I saw Renee's and saw the word BBQ. So I figured I would give them a try. I have been another restaurant in Fontana; Up N Smoke BBQ.

Mac and cheese was the side I got with my dinner. The mac and cheese was loaded, I mean loaded with black pepper. But there was little cheese and what cheese there was, didn't mix well with the macaroni. It was also very salty. Not a good example of mac and cheese.

Fried shrimp dinner, $10.95. The shrimp was coated with a cornmeal batter, but so salty, I needed gallons of water. The shrimp was a bit rubbery and didn't taste all that fresh. The cornmeal batter was crunchy but just way too salty. I'll give them good points for the large amount of shrimp, but when it's so salty, that's not a good thing.

BBQ pork spare ribs, $10.95. The bbq ribs are only served Fridays and Saturdays. I asked for the sauce on the side but got sauce on the ribs. I got five good sized ribs with the order. The ribs were tough and chewy, as they had been sitting in warmers for too long. They could have been good if the ribs had not been dried out.

Service was friendly but slow. I understand the restaurant was crowded but it took so long to get my to go order.

I would not go back to Renee's again. Up N Smoke BBQ is so much better.