Sunday, May 02, 2010

Giuseppe's Pizza

Giuseppe's Pizza
2433 N Euclid Ave
Ste C

For some reason, I've been craving kebobs, this weekend. I wanted to try a new place, and then I remembered David Allen's Review of Giuseppe's Pizza, and decided to go there.

Yes, a place called Giuseppe's, does serve kebobs. The owners are Iranians, who bought Giuseppe's Pizza and added Middle Eastern dishes.

Giuseppe's has a great view of the mountains, a wonderful setting for dinner.

Chicken kebob, $14.99, dinners come with grilled tomato, basmati rice, and pita bread but sadly no hummus. The chicken breast was grilled but lacked seasoning, very bland and worse it was dry.

I also didn't like the portion size. I thought for price, the portions were a bit small.

But the rice was awesome. Flavored with butter and maybe cooked in chicken stock, this was so fluffy and flavorful. Just great.

Beef shish kebob, $16.99, again with tomato, basmati rice and pita bread. The rice was the same great rice.

The beef was pretty good, grilled just right and had much more seasoning and flavor than the chicken. Pretty tender, I would say a tri tip cut.

I also liked the portion size, for the beef, much better than the portion size for the chicken. But overall I thought this was a bit pricey for the portion.

Service, for a to go order, was very good. A man, who I believe is the owner, took my order and was nice. A woman, who I believe is the owner's wife, gave me my order and was very nice.

I would like to go back to Giuseppe's Pizza and try the pizza and the lasagna, which looked great!! But I thought the Middle Eastern dishes were a bit overpriced.