Friday, April 30, 2010

Kabob Curry-Closed

Kabob Curry
108 W 3rd St
Long Beach

I haven't been to many Indian restaurants. Natraj Cuisine of India, is the other Indian restaurant, I've been to in Long Beach. I saw Kabob Curry while driving near downtown Long Beach and decided to have dinner there.

Located off west of Pine Ave, on 3rd St., Kabob Curry is a very casual restaurant. I thought this was counter service, but it is really table service.

I got the plain naan, $1.25. I was very impressed with this. Served hot, flakey, light, chewy, just awesome. It was huge and worth the price.

Chicken tikka, $5.99. This was awesome!!! Very well cooked, seasoned, and tender. A good sized portion for the price. Good quality chicken with onions and green peppers. My only complaint, one piece was charred on the outside. Otherwise a great dish.

Service was average. I walked in and waited in line, but was greeted and I took a seat. But they took care of the take out orders first, and I was waiting awhile for somebody to take my order. I understand that. But there was, really only one server taking care of the entire restaurant. But there was another guy who just stood there doing nothing. This lead to to very slow service.

Another thing, I didn't like was after ordering, the server asked, if I would like rice. I said is that included? She said no. This is another pet peeve of mine. Servers need to tell you if there is a charge for something. If she said "Would you like to add rice for another $2.50?" I would have no issues. But this is another example of restaurants trying to deceive customers. I've seen this happen when it comes to refilling drinks. The servers will ask young kids if they want refills, without telling parents that the refills aren't free. Servers should ask the parents, about refills for young kids.

I wouldn't go back to Kabob Curry because of the slow service. Food is very good. I think much better than Natraj.