Monday, April 21, 2008

Natraj Cuisine of India

Natraj Cuisine of India
5262 E. 2nd St.
Long Beach

After going to Pkuket we went to Natraj for entrees. After a bad experience at Diamond Palace, I wasn't thrilled about going to another Indian place. But figured why not? Big mistake.

I got the shrimp garlic, $13.95, sauteed with garlic, bellpeppers, and onions. This is a very spicy dish. The heat of the dish just overpowered any other flavor. The shrimp was tough and overcooked. There were about six medium sized shrimps in the dish. Bastami rich and bread was included in this dish, unlike Diamond Palace. But at $13.95 it's overpriced for the quality and quanity you get.

Service was below average. They are friendly but slow to refill drinks and rice.

I would not go back to Natraj again. People have told me they have a very good lunch buffet but I'm not impressed with the quality of their food, to go back.