Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hole In the Wall Deli BBQ

Hole In the Wall Deli
21162 S Western Ave

The good old South Bay area of LA. Suburbs galore. Chains restaurants galore. I don't expect much from this area in terms of BBQ. So I should have been leary about going to a liquor store/deli that serves up BBQ.

I walked in and saw the BBQ, just like Ward and June, had on Leave It to Beaver. It's a bigger backyard grill!!!. So what they used hardwood charcoal. This isn't real BBQ.

For people who think Chili's or Tony Roma's is BBQ, Hole in the Wall Deli BBQ, will be good. For others who want slow cooked meats, using the smoke (not the high heat) of hardwoods, go somewhere else.

I got the three pork rib dinner, $7.99, with corn and macaroni salad. The ribs, which were coated with a too much vinegar, tomato based BBQ sauce, were tough and chewy. These are spare ribs, so only cooking them for long periods of time, over low heat will make them tender. When using high heat, it's called GRILLING. They also could use better quality ribs. Very poor quality ribs.

The worst part? One of the ribs, was a four bone section of the tip!!! Come on man, give me a rib, not the tip!!

The corn on the cob, was small, pretty much drowned in butter, and just lacked any sweetness or tenderness.

I didn't touch the mac salad.

Service was below average. One word answers to question, not helpful, not friendly.

If you like Tony Roma's or Chili's, you will like this Deli BBQ. If you like real BBQ, keep driving.