Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Angelo's Italian Deli

Angelo's Italian Deli
190 La Verne Ave
Long Beach

A small deli in Belmont Shores, Angelo's is known for their torpedo sandwich. Parking is a bit tough and there are two tables outside, but Angelo's is mostly a take out location.

I got the large torpedo, $8.99, provolone cheese, capicollo ham, genoa salami, mortadella, garlic sauce, romaine lettuce, tomato, and red onions. I hate olive oil and balsamic vinegar, so I didn't get those two items on the sandwich. The torpedo comes on a baguette, that was hard on the outside, but had a nice texture and chewiness on the inside. I would prefer a soften crust but overall I did like the baguette. All the meats were fresh and tasty but there was only a thin layer on the sandwich. Not what I expect when paying almost $9 for the sandwich. The romaine lettuce was a nice touch, adding a different texture than iceberg lettuce. But the red onions just overpowered the sandwich. Next time I would ask for no onions.

Service was OK. The sandwiches are made to order and came pretty quick. But if you want to use a credit card, they do an illegal thing, by forcing people to spend a $10 minimum. I know this because even though I paid with cash, the customer in front of me tried to use his credit card for an order less than $10.

I think the sandwiches are overpriced at Angelo's. Yes they use good quality meats but they don't put enough of the meats on the sandwich. I wouldn't go back to Angelo's