Sunday, February 21, 2010

Q Noodle House

Q Noodle House
18930 Gale Ave
Rowland Heights

I found a contender in Battle Xiao Long Bao (XLB), Q Noodle House, in Rowland Heights is better known for their noodles (duh) but they have some great dumplings and Xiao Long Bao (XLB).

My standard bearer for xiao long bao is Mei Long Village. I know Din Tai Fung is more well known but Mei Long Village is so much better.

Green onion pancake, $2.50. Service hot, with a crispy outside and soft chewing inside. Nice texture, nice flavor with lots of green onions inside, and just a great dish. Well worth the $2.50 price.

Potstickers, listed at, $4.95. These pork potstickers were shaped a bit different than other potstickers but these were great. The pork inside is so well seasoned, lots of flavor, and the pork is grounded into a finer, smaller pieces it has a different texture. I really like this, though they could have been a bit larger.

Xiao Long Bao, listed at $4.50. WOW this was very good. These xiao long bao were about the same size as Din Tai Fung but had better flavor. The pork was the same as the pork inside the potstickers. The skin was a bit thicker than I'm used to be but a good chewy texture. There wasn't much soup in there but the soup was well seasoned and hot.

Service is OK. After writing this review, I think they overcharged us for the meal. The menu price has potstickers and xiao long bao at $4.95. The price listed on the bill was $5.50. That's ok because I didn't tip as much because the server was rude, short and not friendly at all.

I would go back to Q Noodle House and get dumplings to go. I don't need or want the bad attitude of the servers. Mei Long Village is still my favorite for xiao long bao, but Q Noodle House is solidily in second.