Friday, February 12, 2010

Pink's- Buena Park

8039 Beach Blvd
Buena Park

Why the OC would want to copy LA, is beyond me. Ok, I know I rip the pretentious, jerk people of the OC but they have their thing. The OC is different than LA. So why they would want a LA institution, is beyond me.

As readers of The New Diner know, I am not a fan of Pink's Hollywood. Yes, everybody should go there once to experience it but Pink's isn't a good place for hot dogs.

Pink's opened in Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace, around Thanksgiving of 2009. They closed up, in January for some renovation or whatever. They reopened on Jan 30th.

You do not have to pay for admission or parking to Knott's, if you want to eat at Pink's. There is a free parking for the marketplace, the same are where Mrs. Knott's Chicken dinners have been served!!! Mrs. Knott's restaurant is actually five years older than Pink's, having opened in 1934, compared to Pink's in 1939.

I got the 10" stretch chili dog,$3.90, with chili, mustard and onions. The hot dog is pretty good with a nice snap, good amount of seasonings, and flavor. But the chili is bland, flavorless and they put too much of it on a hot dog, that it overpowers the hot dog.

Ok you may ask, why then didn't I order a chili dog. Well Pink's doesn't ahve just a plain hot dog. They want to dress up every hot dog, instead of keeping it simple. Pink's should offer plain 10" stretch hot dogs, instead of the chili, which is a wasted.

Service was pretty goood. Since this Pink's is fairly new and many people do not know about it, there are no long lines, like the Pink's in Hollywood.

I wouldn't go back to Pink's. But knowing the pretentious, jerk people of the OC, they are going to love this place, since it will be the "in" thing to do.