Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eddie's New York Pizzeria

Eddie's New York Pizzeria
1065 Foothill Blvd

Trying to figure out where to go for dinner. So I talked to a good friend and we went to Claremont,CA to give Eddie's New York Pizzeria a try. This location used to be a Straw Hat Pizza but then Eddie's New York Pizzeria took over. Claremont, the home of STEROID user, cheating bastard, Mark THE FRAUD McGwire. Not only did he cheat and use roids but he is delusion, and thinks it only helped him stay healthy, not hit those home runs.

We go to the counter and take a look at the menu. She had a coupon-buy one pizza, get one free. But I was also in the mood for wings. So I got the best of both worlds, a medium pizza, $13.99, with bacon and pepperoni and order of chile lime wings and chipotle BBQ wings, $8.99, I'll get this later.

New York pizza should have a thin and crispy crust. It should be big enough to fold over and have tons of gooey cheese. The pizza at Eddie's, you get a choice of thin, regular and thick crust. I picked the regular. I came with a good amount of cheese. It isn't bad but it wasn't New York style pizza. Maybe I should have gotten the thin. But at some pizza places, thin crust is like a cracker crust.

The pepperoni was good, though they could have put a bit more on the pizza. The pepperoni had nice spice and flavor. I did enjoy the pizza but learned one thing, bacon does not belong on a pizza-at least regular bacon. This bacon was hard and tough. Not good. I don't think this pizza is worth the $13.99 regular price. At $7 is it fine but I wouldn't order this again.

The chile lime wings are another story. They were HUGE!!! While they weren't crispy, I'd bet they were baked, the wings were just amazing. Full of flavor and meat. I loved these wings. They were not spicy, just very tangy. There wasn't much breading on the wings, like some places do to trick you into think the wings are bigger than they really are.

The chipotle BBQ wings were sweet, not spicy, they tasted a lot like the wings from KFC. Again huge amount of meat on these wings. Though I wouldn't order these again, since I think wings should be spicy not sweet, they were fine.

Service was good. The guy taking our order was nice but a bit slow. He must have just started working there. While eating the chile lime wings, I found out that Wednesdays are 50 cent wings night!!! But I was charged full price, when I placed the order for the chile lime wings. So I went back up to the counter, confirmed wings were 50 cents and just asked for another 9 pieces of wings with Chipotle bbq sauce. He was nice and took care of it. I didn't want money back, I wanted more wings and got them!! As I've said before, it is not about making mistakes, it is all about how a restaurant handles the mistakes. I explain to them the error in a nice calm tone and Eddie's handle this situation perfectly.

I would go back to Eddies for the wings. I would pass on the pizza. The pizza nothing great. But the wings are huge and amazing!!