Sunday, January 10, 2010


18065 Gale Ave

Frisco's is a popular bar and grill. It is a 1950's diner style restaurant, with waitresses in roller skates. This location has been here for as long as I can remember.

There have a burger combo special, with fries and a drink, $4.95. I had them put cheddar cheese for $5.70. The burger is a half pound burger with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The burger was served warm, not hot. The burger is fresh ground beef, not a frozen pattie but they put way too much salt on the burger, very very salty. But the burger was lacking flavor. Just too bland and salty. The bun wasn't toasted but was find. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh. Overall there was nothing special about this burger. It is a great deal but nothing else.

The fries, which I asked to be well done, were also served warm. I ask for well done fries so I can get fresh hot fries, not fries that have been sitting under heat lamps forever.

Service was below average. The server was nice but I never got any silverware, not that I really needed any silverware. She didn't come by my table other than to take and deliver my order. She was more concerned about other tables than mine. I think she took the attitude that I only order the $6 special and her tip wasn't going to that much. Her attitude should be if I provide good service, I my get this customer to come back and order something else on the menu.

I think Frisco's appeals to people's sense of nostalgia but the food is average and server is below average. Not a good combination. There is no reason for me to go back to Frisco's.