Saturday, January 16, 2010

Road to Seoul

Road to Seoul
1230 S Western Ave
Los Angeles

Road to Seoul is a very popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Koreatown. This place was packed on a Friday night with 30 minutes the norm and lines out the door. I came with a group of about 12 people and we had six people per grill.

We got the all you can eat option, $16.99. They start off with a very large, fresh bowl of romaine lettuce with a light Korean dressing. This salad was great. So fresh and tasty. Now when I go to any Korean BBQ, I'm not into all the side dishes, I don't touch them. I'm there for the meats!!!

The meats included brisket, short ribs, bulgogi, chicken, and bacon.

Maybe it's me but I don't get the brisket at Korean BBQ places. Why do they serve frozen sliced brisket with no seasoning or marinate. The brisket is sliced very thin but not that flavorful and I only had a small serving.

I loved the beef short ribs, which I believe are called galbi. Very well marinated in a light sweet sauce. The ribs were moist and very tender. Nice flavor. Maybe my favorite meat at Road to Seoul.

The bulgogi was very sweet and flavorful. But it has too much fat. The beef was also a bit tough and chewy. Not a good quality meat.

The chicken was also marinated, in a mild soy sauce type sauce. Both white and dark meats were included. Pretty good flavor and tenderness.

The bacon was pretty bad. Lots and lots of fat, not marinate and not flavorful.

Service was OK. We had trouble with our grill because the heat wasn't hot enough. We asked the server to turn up the heat but at times the flame would go out. It makes it hard to grill up meat when this happens.

But they were pretty good about getting new meats and changing the grill. Side dishes were replenished quickly and we also had water bottle at our table.

The thing I've learned about Korean BBQ is that the meats at all you can eat places, can vary but is usually low quality. I found the meats at Road to Seoul to be low quality with too much fat, not tender or flavorful.

I would not go back to Road to Seoul again.