Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen

Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen
202 E Manchester Blvd

A rainy night, I'm hungry, and I'm near LAX. What should I do? I decided instead of taking the 105 to LAX, I would go down Manchester and pass by the Forum. I loved the Forum because I saw the "Showtime" Lakers, not the Lackers of today who are lead by Kobe the Rapist. The Forum is now owned by a church and basically sits empty on most nights. As I drove away from The Forum towards La Brea, I saw a sign for Soul Food Kitchen. I said, I know where I'm going for dinner.

Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen is a cafeteria style soul food restaurant. There is nothing fancy about Dulan's, you order your food at the counter and then sit down or get your order to go. Dulan's is right next to a flower shop.

I got the smothered chicken, all white meat, with corn, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes with gravy, $11.99. After I paid, I was handed a bag and man it was heavy!!! Always a good sign. I opened the box and there was a lot of food.

There were two wings and a breast piece. But the smothered chicken was on top of the mashed potatoes, making this a mushy mess. The chicken was moist and tender but not much flavor. The gravy was also pretty bland. The mashed potatoes tasted like they were made from a box. Wasn't impressed. When I first got the box, I saw to my horror, okra with my corn. I hate okra bu I just ate the corn. The corn was sweet and tender. Very good. The mac and cheese was so gooey and cheesy with very tender macaroni.

Service was good. But I got there about dinner time and they were waiting on a lot of entrees. While it is always nice to get a hot meal, you wonder why they aren't more prepared for the dinner rush.

I wouldn't go back to Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen, again. The food is only average, though the portion size is huge.