Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Country Kwik

Country Kwik
3024 W Temple Ave

Country Kwik is really a convenience market that serves sandwiches. Think 7-11 combined with a deli. The sandwiches are made fresh to order, you go to the counter, fill out the paper with the sandwich you want and what you want on the sandwich.

I got a turkey and roast beef sandwich on squaw bread, $5.15, with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. The meats were piled high on the sandwich, which is always good, but the meats are low quality meats. The meats are the same meats as the meats in the Albertson's deli. So why should I pay more for a sandwich, that I could make myself? Anyways the turkey and roast beef was pretty good and fresh. The squaw bread was soft and fresh.

Service is pretty good. The owner who took my order, was nice and helpful. But the guys making the sandwiches need to get a clue. No they didn't screw up my order. But there was this lady, who came after me, and she stood at the counter and nobody greeted her. The guy who took my order is also the cashier, so he was at the register helping other people. So he is almost blameless. But the two guys making the sandwiches never bothered greeting the lady. They could have said "Have you been helped?"

I wouldn't go back to Country Kwik for a sandwich again. The sandwiches are just average, nothing special about them. As for that stupid truck in front of the store, where is the PPA and that hottie, Gina, when you need them!!! Watch Parking Wars, it is a great show.