Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Huston's Pit BBQ-Closed

Huston's Pit BBQ
1620 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles

Huston's Pit BBQ is another example of a fake BBQ place. This is not real BBQ. They do not smoke their meats, there is no smoke ring on the ribs. They must braise the meat before cooking over hard wood. But this isn't real BBQ.

I got the quarter rack of spare ribs, $7.50. The ribs were very tender, almost falling off the bone. But there was no smoke flavor, was drowned in a sauce that tasted exactly like KC Masterpice, and the ribs had a lot of fat on them. So they need more braising time or better yet, they need to be really smoked!!!!!!

Service is good.

Ok, I am a BBQ snob. I do not like going to places and wasting money on oven cooked or grilled ribs. I can do that myself at home. Why the hell do I need to go out and pay somebody to do that for me???? I want somebody who will smoke their ribs, using hardwoods for six or more hours. I won't sit in front of a smoker for that long, so I have no problems paying somebody, if they do it right.

Don't bother going to Huston's Pit BBQ unless your idea of BBQ is Tony Roma's or Chili's.