Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pecos Bill's BBQ

Pecos Bill's BBQ
1551 Victory Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91201
(818) 241-2750

Pecos Bill's BBQ is NOT a real BBQ place. They cook their ribs in an oven and drown them in BBQ sauce.

Ribs are sold by the pound, $15/lb and only sold on Saturday and Sunday. I got half a pound, which was about four ribs. The ribs were so mushy and terrible. They must have been boiled before and then cooked in a oven. I can't believe a place would serve this crap. The sauce was bland and lacked any flavor. It is no better than the no name brand BBQ sauce you get at any store.

Service is SLOW. When I got there, two people were ahead of me in line. It took about 15 minutes before they took my order. Not sure why it takes so long. But damn terrible. They are nice and friendly but I can't believe how slow they are.

I would not go back to Pesco Bill's BBQ. This isn't real BBQ. This is a fake BBQ that gives people the wrong idea what real BBQ really is. Real BBQ means that meats are cooked at a low temp, no more than 225 degrees, and for a long time, up to eight hours for ribs, 14 hours for brisket and pork shoulder.