Friday, April 03, 2009


2005 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles

The Oinkster. I have heard about the Oinkster for a long time. But I just never made the trip to Eagle Rock to try their food. So I got together with some friends and we had a late dinner at the Oinkster.

The Oinkster is known for their pastrami and pulled pork. I decided to try their pulled pork sandwich, 6.99, and chili cheese fries, $4.95. The pulled pork sandwich comes with red cabbage cole slaw and carmelized onions. They have Carolina BBQ sauce at the condiment table. The pulled pork was a bit dry, matter of fact everything about the sandwich was dry. The pulled pork didn't have that smokey flavor. It was tender and had decent seasoning. The cole slaw was dry, hardly any mayo. The BBQ sauce is a very thin, tomato based sauce. It does have a kick at the end but I wasn't a fan of the BBQ sauce. It did make the sandwich a bit moist and added a kick but I didn't think it enhanced the flavor of the pork.

The chili cheese fries are OK. The fries themselve are Belgian fries and I love them. Beligim fries are lighter and more tasty than French fries. I call them the Muchos of fries. Since Munchos are the lighter and in my opinion, better version of fries. Next time I go, I will just order the Belgian fries.

But the chili fries just didn't cut it for me. The chili was bland and lack flavor. Yes there was a lot of cheese and that is alway good but the chili just made the fries soggy and bad.

Service is very good. Friendly, nice, and helpful. I asked the girl behind the counter if they could turn the TV to the Dodger game. They quickly turned the TV to the Dodger game. She even said, she didn't even know they were on.

I will go back to the Oinkster and try their pastrami and burger. But I would not order the pulled pork again.

Update March 7, 2010.

I went back to Oinkster and tried their rotisserie chicken. I got the quarter white meat chicken with rice and fries, $5.99.

When the chicken arrived I was a bit disappointed by the small size of the chicken, I also thought that maybe the chicken would be dry. But much to my surprise the chicken was tender, flavorful, and moist. I wouldn't say juicy but moist. I think the chicken has been sitting in a warmer for almost too long, a few more minutes and I know the chicken would be dry. But I got lucky and it wasn't dry. I did like the chicken and thought it was a great deal.

The fries are great. Light, crispy and the aoali sauce, with a lot of garlic was a wonderful dipping sauce!!! The rice was flavored with spices and maybe cooked in chicken stock. Nice and flavorful.

Service was good. The young lady taking my order was nice and friendly.