Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kim Tar BBQ Restaurant

Kim Tar BBQ Restaurant
15475 Valley Blvd
City Industry

At most Chinese BBQ restaurants, you will see BBQ por, roasted pork and duck. Kim Tar has those items along with a daily lunch special.

Their lunch special includes soup, egg roll and either chow mein or fried rice. I got the chicken in lemon sauce, $5.75, with fried rice, and shrimp in vegetables, $6.25, with chow mein. I didn't touch the soup.

The chicken in lemon sauce wasn't good at all. The chicken is breaded and then fried but there wasn't much chicken in there, all batter. Some of the pieces were very tough and chewy. There wasn't much of a lemon flavor at all. The sauce was bland with barely a hint of lemon. The fried rice had some carrots and peas and eggs. It was pretty good.

The shrimp and veggies had bok choy and some large pieces of carrots. The shrimp wasn't the freshest. The sauce was thickened with corn startch and was pretty bland.

What was great was the chow mein. WOW, stir fried to perfection, nicely seasoned, and there was plenty of it. This chow mein would be great topped with your favorite meat and veggies.

Service was good. But the server only brought two egg rolls, when our table should have gotten three egg rolls.

Kim Tar is the same shopping center as a strip club and adult bookstore. You would have to be blind to miss the huge signage for the strip club and adult bookstore. So this may not be the place to take your family for dinner. But during lunch time, it should be fine.

I would go back to Kim Tar for the chow mein. I would try other meats, maybe a beef dish or another chicken dish. But chow mein is the way to go.