Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Fat Sheep-Closed

Little Fat Sheep
120 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park

An interesting name for a restaurant. Little Fat Sheep is a Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant. What you do is choose what type of brooth you want, spicy, mild, half and half and veggie. I sat at a table with half and half. They ask you how spicy you want the brooth, scale of 1-10 and Fear Factor. We decided on 6 and it was a good thing. The longer the brooth boils, the spicier the brooth becomes. Brooth is $3.50 a person but they max out at 8 people. So our table of ten was charged $28 for the brooth, $2.80 a person. They will refill the brooth the entire night.

Then there is a menu that includes, meats, veggies, noodles, and seafood that you can put into the hot pot and cook. They also have cooked items like fried rice and a great scaliion pancake, $4.25. My table ordered about 4 plates of the scallion pancakes. Though a bit greasty they were very good. A flakey pancake with some scallions inside. I would use the pancake like a pizza crust, top with with some meats and veggies, that were cooked in the brooth, and I chowed down.

Our table ordered the sliced beef, $3.75, sliced chicken, $3.75, sliced lamb, $4.25, beef and lamb meat ball, $3.95 each, imitation crab meat, $3.95, fresh corn, $2.25, shitake and oyster mushroom, $3.25 each, spinach, $2.25, white noodle, $2.75, and hand made noodles, $2.75.

The meats and veggies come out in a small cart, which is placed next to your table.

I thought all the veggies were very fresh and worked well with the brooth. The veggies except the fresh corn cooked quickly, about 2 minutes. The corn about 5-7 minutes. While the corn was fresh and tasty, they only cut the corn, on the cobb, into two inch sections. They could be a little bigger. I especially like the spinach, super fresh, and both mushrooms.

The sliced meats were great. Thinly cut pieces so they will cook quickly, the meats were great with the brooth. The imitation crab meat took awhile to cook in the brooth but they were good when finished.

The noodles also cooked quickly and worked well. Next time I go, I will make this more of a noodles soup. Put in the noodles first, followed by meats, then the veggies. Putting those in the brooth in that order, allows for the slower and faster cooking items to be done at the same time.

Service is pretty good, the meats and veggies come out very quickly. The brooth was also refilled quickly. But getting refills on water and hot tea is a bit slow.

I would go back to Little Fat Sheep anytime, especially when it is a cold night. If you like spicy brooth, I would start at about 7 or 8. You can always increase the spice.